Paul Winters

Paul is an award-winning cinematographer who has shot feature films, shorts, documentaries, commercials, political,and live sports.

As a producer/executive producer he developed or produced shows for all of the major Hollywood studios (Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney), and he has worked with a long list of creative people including Steven Spielberg, Paul Newman, Joe Roth, and Stan Lee.

Paul has also directed, produced, and edited feature films, commercials, live-sports, documentary, and political campaign video.

Paul began his Hollywood career as a commercial storyboard and design artist. Soon, this passion for storytelling and impeccable technique made him a much sought after storyboard artist. As such, he worked hand in hand with the directors and ad agencies on many fortune 500 company (BUICK, CHANEL, GENERAL MILLS) commercial television advertising campaigns.

Paul also did the storyboards for many music videos, including THE DOORS, LA WOMAN music video that was directed by THE DOORS keyboard player, Ray Manzarek.


Patrice Winters

Patrice Winters is an experienced feature film producer. She has also produced commercials, music videos, political campaign videos, and documentary.

Before producing, Patrice was a successful entrepreneur and business owner.



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